Our Vision

Gain meaningful public access to the waterways of Fidalgo Island by creation of a usable, multipurpose small boat center to enable the on-water launch and use of small boats.

Minutes of General Meeting - April 4, 2017

Gaining meaningful public access to the waterways of Fidalgo Island by the creation of a multipurpose small boat centerto enable the on-water launch and use of small boats. www.anacortessmallboatcenter.com

Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm.

In attendance were Beth, Bruce, Pat, Keith, Pat, John, Mark and Annette (Marks guest)

No minutes have been received from the March meeting yet from Scott.

The Treasurer reported on the status of the finances and mentioned that the 5013c status is good through October.  There is $41,167 in the account with $12,600 allocated to Parks and Rec, leaving $28,568.  Income and expenses by item were detailed on the spreadsheet.

Yard Update – Random boats appear at times and have to be identified and contacted.  There are about 5-6 open spots and need for expansion may occur in the next year. A bill will be sent to Kevin for Youth Dynamics. 

Youth / Community Boating Program –Mark handed out a description of the program and a list of donations totaling $27,500 pledged and $12,600 collected.  There was discussion about the Adult program and that it should be added later after the youth version.  There has been no formal written approval of the program by the city, but one will be requested by Beth.  The Sailing Director position is targeted to be hired and start by June 1st.

Communications – A “Donate” tab was added to the website.  Beth needs a lesson on Google Docs.

Messabout – A draft of the poster and hand bills was circulated by Beth to the group.  Sponsor logos were replaced by a listing to save space and streamline the appearance.

Mark asked how many are needed and it was decided he would review last years count.  These should be distributed by the end of April, since the event is May 20th.  Keith mentioned several organizations outside Anacortes that will help promote the event.

Quick N Dirty Boat Building is on June 3rd and Mary is working on Non-Profits.  Pat will talk to her in the next week.

Beth noted the need for a permanent Secretary for ASBC (open position).

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.

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All contributions help ASBC pursue its goal of enhanced public water access for small boats, including a permanent building for use by the small-boat community on Fidalgo Island.

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