Our Vision

Gain meaningful public access to the waterways of Fidalgo Island by creation of a usable, multipurpose small boat center to enable the on-water launch and use of small boats.

Minutes of Anacortes Small Boat Center Board Meeting, Monday, April 1, 2013, Anacortes Yacht Club

Gaining meaningful public access to the waterways of Fidalgo Island by the creation of a multipurpose small-boat center to enable the on-water launch and use of small boats www.anacortessmallboatcenter.com

Board Members Present: Pat Barrett (president), Andy Stewart (vice-president), Jane Billinghurst (secretary), John Pope (past president), Vince Sellen (AYC), Beth Bell (OARSS), Marianne Banks (Hole in the Wall Paddling Club), Carl Frantz (Anacortes Sea Scouts Ship 81), Dustin South (City of Anacortes, Parks & Rec), Mark Bunzel (Anacortes Chamber of Commerce, ex-officio

Voting Board Members Absent: Norm Havercroft (treasurer), David Jackson (Anacortes Sea Venture Scouts Crew 81), ACMC, Steve Orsini (Lido 14 Fleet 78)

Ex-Officio Board Members Absent: Dale Fowler and Bob Hyde (Port of Anacortes, ex-officio), Mike Beemer (Skagit Valley College Marine Technology Center, ex-officio), Jack Richardson (Anacortes RC Sailors, ex-officio)

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by President Pat Barrett at 7:50 p.m.

II. Slate of Officers

Names were put forward to fill the posts of President (Beth Bell), Vice-President (Andy Stewart), Secretary (tbd), and Treasurer (Norm Havercroft). Beth would take over as of June 3 but will not preside at the June meeting because of a personal conflict.

III. Meeting with the Port of Anacortes

ASBC proposes two separate meetings with the Port Commissioners: one to renegotiate the Yard lease agreement to reflect the fact that we have not yet had 12 months of a fully operational boat hoist, and the other to lay out our plans for the future.

IV. Plans to Move Forward With a Building

Mark Bunzel and Beth Bell will check with Gary Robinson about the Rotary Park site. We need to decide how much of a building we need and our goals for the building. The Yard provides a modest income, but not enough for something ambitious.

V. Small Power Boats

Up until now, ASBC’s main priority has been non-motorized boats. Is it time to expand our umbrella? If we include powerboats, do we impose size limits? Chase boats could come into the Yard under provisional usage. Insurance is covered under the Port’s policy. How best to reach out to this community to see if they would be interested in joining us?

Motion: ASBC will include a provisional clause in our Yard rental agreement to allow boats whose primary source of power is an engine, at the discretion of the Yard committee while a policy is being developed for Board approval. Moved by John Pope, 2nd Andy Stewart, all in favor.

VI. Kayaks on Dinghy Dock

The Port currently charges $35 on its dock; AYC charges $20 for members. We have an 8-kayak rack but will need help assembling it and getting carpeting onto the dock. John Pope suggested an introductory fee of $15/mo for members of the Hole in the Wall Paddling Club, preferably with a commitment for the season rather than month by month to make bookkeeping easier.

Marianne Banks will send out a news flash to get members’ reaction and include a notice in the June 21 newsletter. She mentioned that club members are quite mobile and might not use the rack. There are other potential users—recreational kayakers who do not get into the water much and might like to have their boats easily accessible on the dock. These potential users could be reached through ads in The Clamdigger.

VII. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm

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Members may qualify for discounted access to the PQ Dock hoist (contact Yard Master Kevin Pratt at 208-661-0916).

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All contributions help ASBC pursue its goal of enhanced public water access for small boats, including a permanent building for use by the small-boat community on Fidalgo Island.

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