Our Vision

Gain meaningful public access to the waterways of Fidalgo Island by creation of a usable, multipurpose small boat center to enable the on-water launch and use of small boats.


Anacortes Small Boat Center General Membership Meeting, Anacortes Yacht Club, Monday, March 4, 2013, 6:30 pm


Board and individual members present: Pat Barrett (president), John Pope (past president), Norm Havercroft (treasurer), Jane Billinghurst (secretary), Marianne Banks (Hole in the Wall Kayak Club), Carl Frantz (Anacortes Sea Scouts, Ship), Beth Bell (OARRS), Dustin South (City of Anacortes, Parks & Rec), Dale Fowler (Port of Anacortes, ex-officio), Mark Bunzel (Anacortes Chamber of Commerce, ex-officio), Don Pinter, Chris Anderson

Guests present: Keith Rubin

Board members absent: Andy Stewart (vice-president), Greg Denman (ACMC), Steve Orsini (Lido 14 Fleet 78), Bob Hyde (Port of Anacortes, ex-officio), Mike Beemer (Skagit Valley College Marine Technology Center, ex-officio), Jack Richardson (Anacortes RC Sailors, ex-officio), Vince Sellen (AYC), David Jackson (Anacortes Sea Venture Scouts Crew 81)



Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 6:45 pm by President Pat Barrett


Approval of minutes: Minutes of the February meeting were approved. Dale Fowler, Beth Bell, second, all in favor.


Treasurer’s Report: We have $23,482.90 in the bank. Norm will proposed a file for the boat storage yard on the web site: confidential information will be password-protected; the map showing which slots are taken and for how long will be for all to see. Beth Bell has an Excel file with a map, which she will get to Norm. ASBC will look into using a Paypal Button for yard and membership payments. Norm will talk to Art Shotwell and get an estimate of cost of these web site changes.


Gin Pole: Keith Rubin is working on the installation of the replacement gin pole provided by North Harbor Diesel. Brooks Marine assisted with some welding. Keith will look into using a sleeve for the pole. The Port has a forklift available. Beth Bell will donate thin set. Norm Haverstock will put together a form people can use for tax receipts for in-kind, cash, or material donations. The gin pole should be up by the end of March.


New Tenants: One spot in the yard is being held for a 27’ boat. Larger boats are coming back to the yard now the hoist is in operation (or soon will be after some minor attention).


Dinghy Docks: ASBC will sign a lease with the Port and begin monthly payments on April 1 so ASBC has time to advertise this space to the public. The Port will share the dock waiting list with ASBC. AYC is leasing the outboard 100’ of the dock and reserving it for AYC members with small mast-up boats.


ASBC Members from AYC: AYC has sent the list of names and payment to the P.O. Box.


Slate of Officers: Will be dealt with in the next couple of weeks.


New Business


North Harbor Development: During its recent review of plans to develop land around Cap Sante Marina, the Port welcomed input from the public, including ideas for an area dedicated to small boats in the North Basin. A steep ramp around K dock might work well as an alternative to the hoist for small boats. If a Marine Service Building goes in, ASBC might share some space there. It was agreed ASBC should clear and stake out the area currently earmarked in the City’s Comprehensive Plan for an ASBC facility, and it would be good to do this in the next three months. A committee was formed (Mark Bunzel, Beth Bell, John Pope from ASBC; a couple of other experts will be invited to join) to liaise with the City and check out what kind of building is feasible and what input ASBC group members might like. Mark will organize a field trip in the next couple of weeks to gather ideas. There is a joint meeting between the City and the Port on April 8. We might get help from Port grant writers.


High School Sailing Regatta: Dustin South reported the high school sailing team will be hosting a regatta from Seafarers on March 23. This is the first big regatta in about six years. About 80 students will attend. It’s a great opportunity to show off the South Harbor facility. Fred Abelman is organizing on-water activities. To help on land, contact Dustin at 299-1948 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. [check]


Meeting adjourned by President Pat Barrett at 7:40 pm


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