Our Vision

Gain meaningful public access to the waterways of Fidalgo Island by creation of a usable, multipurpose small boat center to enable the on-water launch and use of small boats.

Minutes of General Meeting, February 4, 2013

Minutes of the Anacortes Small Boat Center Meeting, February 4, 2013

Gaining meaningful public access to the waterways of Fidalgo Island by the creation of a multipurpose small boat center to enable the on-water launch and use of small boats. www.anacortessmallboatcenter.com

Board and Individual members present: Andy Stewart (vice-president); Bob Hyde (Port of Anacortes); Don Pinter; Mark Bunzel (Anacortes Chamber of Commerce, ex-officio); Andy Schwenk (AYC); Steve Orsini (Lido Fleet 78); Scott Lindberg; Gary Stubbs

Board Members not present: Pat Barrett (past president); Norm Havercroft (treasurer); Jane Billinghurst; John Pope (past president); Beth Bell (OARSS); Mike Beemer (SVC Marine Tech Center, ex-officio); Carl Frantz (Sea Scouts, Ship); David Jackson (Sea Scouts, Crew); Greg Denman (ACMC); Dustin South (Parks & Rec)

I. Call to Order

  President Andy Stewart called the meeting to order at 6:38pm

II. Minutes of January Meeting.

  The minutes of the January meeting were not available for approval.

III. Treasurers Report

  The Treasurers Report was unavailable for discussion and approval.

IV. Old Business

  Mark Bunzel started the discussion stating he and Pat Barrett were in the process of preparing a limited slide show to present to the Port Commissioners at one of their board meetings high lighting ASBC past to present. They would discuss the past year’s lift problems and the financial impact it had on our income. They would request a one year extension on our current rent agreement to compensate for the loss of revenues. They felt our first year was successful and are optimistic that this year should be good with a fully operational lift and an increase in rents from the dingy docks.

The discussion moved on to the possibility of a boat ramp in or around the marina.  One of the problems experienced in the past was the launching of boats for events like the Lido tournament and fishing derby. Many boaters have expressed their preference of trailer launching their boats over slinging them in. Ideally it was agreed that the preferred location would be on the east side of the north basin. Others ideas put forth were a ramp off of 17th Street or one further down on the DNR property. There were comments made about trying to obtain use of the city’s ramp off of 30th or the new ramp off of R Ave... The pros and cons were discussed and Steve Orsini suggested we concentrate on first obtaining a boathouse and then a non-motorized ramp by the marina. Someone mentioned the possible availability of government funds available for such improvements referencing Friday Harbor as an example.

Regarding the boathouse, it was recommended that a group go up and look at the boathouse in Ladysmith. Realizing the limited income flow from a stand-a-lone boathouse, it was suggested having a burger and beer facility within the building to provide refreshments to the boaters and general population. Apparently it has work well in Ladysmith and several attendees agreed to put together such an excursion.

It was mentioned that there would be an open planning meeting on Wednesday and that we should make our presence and desires known. Several members indicated their intent to attend.

V. Adjournment

  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:09pm.









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