Our Vision

Gain meaningful public access to the waterways of Fidalgo Island by creation of a usable, multipurpose small boat center to enable the on-water launch and use of small boats.


To create, manage and sustain a community oriented multipurpose facility serving those individuals, entities and organizations in our community providing:

Boating related activities
Boating classes, workshops and lectures
Rowing and sailing programs for youth and adults
Maritime art and traditional boat building programs
Space and opportunity for small boat repair, maintenance, staging and launching

To promote a sense of self and leadership in our youth and adults through marine education programs.
To promote knowledge of our local maritime heritage and waterfront traditions.
To promote safe and meaningful access to the waterways of Fidalgo Island
To bring together municipal, port, tribe, school district, other non-profits, trade associations, local businesses and service clubs who share our objectives.

2017 ASBC Strategy Statement

The ASBC strategy is to facilitate local, public water access wherever possible. We must be resourceful and flexible, and able to fit our vision into niche spaces and opportunities in the waterfront plans of the Port of Anacortes, the City of Anacortes, and other civic-spirited landowners. Our vision, coupled with the strength of community sentiment for water access, will be the key to our success.

Vision Statement

Gain meaningful public access to the waterways of Fidalgo Island by creation of a usable, multipurpose small-boat center to enable the on-water launch and use of small boats.

Supporting Organizations

Anacortes Chamber of Commerce, Anacortes High School Sailing Program, Anacortes Public Library Maritime Collection, Anacortes Radio Control Sailors, Anacortes Sea Scouts, Anacortes Yacht Club (AYC), Anacortes Youth Dynamics, City of Anacortes Parks & Recreation, Hole in the Wall Paddling Club, Lido 14 Fleet 78, Old Anacortes Rowing & Sailing Society (OARS), Port of Anacortes, Northwest Center of Excellence for Marine Manufacturing & Technology


Dingy Dock and Kayak Storage: This storage area on Q Dock provides easy water access for smaller boats.

North Basin Boat Storage Yard: Adjacent to P/Q Dock at Cap Sante Marina, this gated, dry-storage area is for mast-up sailboats, kayaks, and other human- and sail-powered craft. The convenience of the location, reasonale rates, and annual discount make it an attractive option for small-boat owners in the area. The yard is a fundraiser for ASBC’s long-term goal of a permanent small-boat facility in Anacortes.

North Basin Hoist: The small-boat hoist installed at P/Q Dock at Cap Sante Marina now handles boats up to 4,000 lbs, and there is a painted arc so people can remain clear while the hoist is in use. ASBC members and storage-yard tenants have access to the hoist at a reduced rate after approved ASBC hoist training.

Pull and Be Damned Messabout: This annual event, featuring a myriad of small boats, is sponsored by The Traditional Small Craft Association. It is held in May at Seafarers' Memorial Park.

Seafarers' Memorial Park: ASBC representatives participated in the creation of a safe, friendly hand-launching facility for small boats at the park. The Anacortes Radio Control Sailors use the area for their weekly races. The Pull and Be Damned Messabout, the Pacific Challenge, Hole in the Wall's Paddlefest, and Lido Nationals hosted by Lido Fleet 78, as well as high school sailing regattas, have all been held at the park, and the City of Anacortes Parks & Recreation Summer Sailing Program launches from the park all summer long.

Seafarer’s Memorial Park: In the easement disputes between the Port of Anacortes and the Northwest Educational Service District, representatives from ASBC advocated strongly for a resolution that would benefit the community of Anacortes in general as well as local youth sailing and boating programs.

On-going Projects

North Basin: ASBC monitors performans and accessibility issues with the P/Q Dock small-boat hoist and the gin pole used for raising sailboat masts in the staging area for the hoist. The gin pole is a work in progress.

Boathouse Facility: Site plans need to be approved by the City and the Port; however, ASBC is looking to establish a facility at the northwest corner of the north basin that can be used as a meeting and work space for the small-boat community.

Waterfront Festival: As part of this popular Anacortes Chamber of Commerce event at the Cap Sante Marina, ASBC organizes the always exciting Quick and Dirty Boat Building Competition. Entrance fees help fund ASBC's long-term goal of a permanent small-boat facility in Anacortes.

Long-term Goals

North Basin: The long-term goal for this area is a multipurpose small-boat facility to include small-boat storage, small-boat building and repairs, and an educational space.

Seafarers' Memorial Park: There is a possible synergy here with the Marine Technology Center’s educational boat-building programs and the City of Anacortes Parks & Recreation Sailing Program.

30th Street Area: With the DNR property, the Tommy Thomson Trail right of way, and the City of Anacortes ramp, this is a longer term but almost unlimited opportunity. There is ample room for a boat launch, parking, and storage.

Additional Resources

Join Us

The ASBC Meets the 1st Tuesday of the Month at 6:30pm – Location – Anacortes Yacht Club

Individual membership $25 per calendar year. Fill out the Membership Form and mail to:

PO Box 2164
Anacortes, WA 98221

Or, join online now and become a member.

Members may qualify for discounted access to the PQ Dock hoist (contact Yard Master Kevin Pratt at 208-661-0916).

Complimentary organizational membership is extended to organizations aligned with ASBC’s purpose who contribute to ASBC with board membership, volunteer time, and financial and other support.

All contributions help ASBC pursue its goal of enhanced public water access for small boats, including a permanent building for use by the small-boat community on Fidalgo Island.

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